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I don't like to post sad news, but I'm told Christa Malone passed away from cancer a few weeks back. In my interactions, she was such a beautiful, kind and generous person. She was also a tragic person: Her father unexpectedly died, her daughter committed suicide, and her sole sibling (sister) died of cancer as well -- all in the space of two years or so.

Fortunately, it sounds like she had a great few days before the end.

Christa did a great job of preserving her father's legacy, and in the process created a honorable legacy for herself.

She was a rock, even during times when the worst of life can throw at you.

Be at peace, Christa... You're missed


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This was indeed very sad news. I got a wonderful letter from her a few days before Christmas. She was, as others here have said, a kind and generous person who had a bunch of bad stuff happen to her, none of it deserved. Rest in Peace, dear Christa.


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By the way, I did an email interview with Christa, asking questions about her father, Marvin Malone, and growing up around The Wormwood Review. It wasn't finished (she postponed it a couple times due to her health issues), and now that she's gone, I'm considering if and how I should make it public. Any ideas?

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