Christoph Schlingensief dead at 49 (1 Viewer)

Most of you may not know the German artist-provocator Christoph Schlingensief who died of lung-cancer this weekend.

He was an incredible man with works in theatre, movies, TV, public performances, politics, opera and others. I admired him a lot.

HERE's an obituary in English language.



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It's sad. And he didn't even smoke.

Frankly, I wasn't into Schlingensiefs art that much, only caught glimpses of it. He did some funny political stuff in Austria, like staging some crazy sort of container full of asylum seekers who you could "vote out" like in some stupid tv show so that they would have gotten deported back into their countries. And he tried to call for as many unemployed as possible to jump at once into the Wolfgangsee in Upper Austria, where I grew up, because Helmut Kohl, the former German Bundeskanzler had his cottage there on the shore. The plan was it being so many unemployed that the water level would rise and flood Helmut Kohls cottage. It didn't work.
Or a small but nice statement in his early years of popularity when he showed up in two different TV shows in the same clothes. Same sweatshirt, jeans and shoes.
There will be a docu about him in the movies starting Apr 2nd, 2020.
(this year's Berlinale has already screened it)


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