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Please see the info on this new release, which is being announced here first. This will be on my website soon, but it will be in the broadside section, which does not get too much traffic. Anyone interested should paypal me $3 plus shipping ($1 in the US, $3 overseas), or at least e-mail me. This may sell out before it gets a chance to be listed on the website. the details are as follows:

Poet: Christopher Cunningham
Poem: WAR

Broadside, measures about 5" square. Printed letterpress. The front of the "booklet" is blind debossed (printed without ink). The whole thing is housed in a CD sleeve that was die cut by me and assembled from actual stock certificates dating from the 1930's to the 1970's.

Here are the photos.


just ordered my copy. i hope to sell it as a bizarre curiosity in 50 years when war is a thing of the past.
it is really fucking gorgeous big bill. I hope to always be your humble poemmonkey, providing you with an endless array of "interesting" poem-things for your endless goddamn talent. the stock certificate sleeve...awesome.


jordan: agreed...
Hey Bill, if you have any left, please count me in. Sounds beautiful and everybody should know how I feel about Chris's work ... let me know if there are some left and I'm off to PayPal land.

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