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Are there any chainsmokers on the forum? Anyone who has successfully quit?

I've been smoking for about a year and have been having a hell of a time stopping. There's something very comforting about "taking a break" and going outside for a smoke. It breaks up the tedium of daily life. When I go a week or more without a cigarette I begin having dreams about it... "Good to see you Joe. Why are we back in the 2nd grade? Must be time for a smoke."
Maybe you should try buying an E-cigarette. You can get all sorts of taste fluids for it inc. tobacco taste with nicotine. I have one and the tobacco fluid taste just like tobacco. Of course, it's not quite the same as smoking a cigarette, but it's an acceptable substitute. I have´nt quit smoking cigarettes altogether yet, but the E-cigarette has cut my cigarette smoking in half and I know many people who have quit smoking altogether thanks to an E-cigarette and who now only use E-cigarettes.

Nicotine patches can be a great help too. If I´m going somewhere where smoking is prohibited I often put on the strongest nicotine patch you can buy and that diminishes the need to smoke considerably since it fills up your body with nicotine. If it can't help you stop smoking altogether, it can certainly lower the number of cigarettes you smoke. You can even combine it with an E-cigarette so that you have something to puff on.
Consider moving to NYC, where you'll have to chose between eating or smoking. Or better yet, San Francisco, which has the added plus of people going out of their way to show their disapproval.

I live in the land of tobacco, where you can still buy the cheaper ones for less than $4.00 and Marlboros for less than $5.00.

Bukfan provides good advice for those situations where you can't smoke. The more you're in those situations, the more practice you get.

I quit smoking for nine months once and never stopped wanting a cigarette. These days, I'm starting to realize that I could quit if I actually put some effort into it. Will I?
In NYC each pack of cigs has $6.10 in taxes built into the cost. The average price for a name brand pack is around $13 bucks, and up to $18 in some spots. And who chainsmokes anymore? That literally means lighting a fresh one with your old one. As a cigar smoker I have no judgements, I should add.
Having expensive cigarettes is a mixed blessing because many smokers keep smoking regardless of the price of cigarettes. Instead they cut down on everything else, from food to toys for the kids. So, now they not only risk getting seriously ill from smoking, but also risks getting ill from eating cheap junk food.

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