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Hello all of you born into this,

I'm a student in English, some homework to do during holidays, and a file to draft about a theme of my own choice.
As I am quite in love with Hank I would like to write and collect some elements about him.
The Thing IS : the theme has to be really precise and I can not make up my mind about some precise aspect about Charles Bukowski's life or work.

Could you HELP me to pick out something or to limitate an acurate thing which could be used as a theme - I thought about relationships between Charles and John Martin's Black Sparrow press for instance, but I'm not sure to find enough written documents about it...

Thank you in advance and keep blooding ink.
I agree with Cirerita. That would be your best bet, hands down. Also, maybe one of the interviews. (Sunlight Here I Am & LAughing with the gods).


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