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I'm late to this movie, just watched it tonight, but holy christ is it good.

see, that's why I can't review things. when I like it, I say "holy christ is it good." if I don't like it, I keep my mouth shut. Roger Ebert can rest easy.
saw this a few years when it first came out - it really is amazing cinema. pretty brutal, though. there's a sequel, too.
This has been on German tv channels several times. A very good movie about the harsh reality in Brazilian favelas (fafelas? hm.), no Disneyland for the kids there. There is a sequel? that's news to me.
City of God is a great flick. Another good one is Once Were Warriors. It's based around the slums of New Zealand.

(who woulda' thunk there are slums in New Zealand?)
once were warriors is not for the faint-hearted. it's grim and brutal and unrelenting.

as for slums in nz: we don't really have them, but we do have poverty-stricken areas where gangs congregate and dominate (still, nothing compared to a place like oakland, CA). the real issue in the movie is domestic violence, of which nz should be and is ashamed, because we have an incredibly high rate of occurrence.
An uppercut-like movie for sure !

There is an unbearable scene that traumatized me : When two little children are surrounded by others barely older. One is killed, the other got off with a bullet in his foot. That scene depicting juvenile extreme violence reminded me of William Golding's Lord of the flies.
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