Classical Music Anyone?

I'm afraid my last post was too downbeat, so let's cheer up a bit with Prokofiev: I think the beginning of this movement could raise anyone's spirits.

Has this article been seen here?

I don't know, but I certainly hadn't seen it before. Thanks a lot for posting it. I've been wanting to listen to some of the classics since I began reading Bukowski but it always struck me as daunting task. I never knew where to start, what with all those symphony numbers. What were they thinking? The article seems to condense some of the pieces he frequently talks about in detail. I'll check them out.
I don't know exactly why, but I tend to associate Bukowski with brass music (or at least this kind melancholic mood). I need to find out if he liked Hindemith. I think he mentions him in one of his poems, but I have no idea what music was he listening to. I'm not sure if he was into modern composers. Although he liked Stravinsky.

This may only apply to those, who're interested in how conductors work.

The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra (internationally famous for their MAHLER-interpretations) have a regularly recurring competition for aspiring conductors. To your surprise it's called the "Mahler Competition". (under the patronage of Mahler's granddaughter)

Since no audience is allowed to attend the concert-hall, they put a live-stream online at their facebook-page this year.

I've been watching the first round, which was Monday morning, Monday late-afternoon and today (Tuesday) morning.

Each aspirant has half-an-hour with the orchestra, to practice and play parts (of his/her choice) of two given pieces of music.
I personally find it extremely interesting to watch the different approaches of each person and how they interact with the orchestra.
If you're in for such a thing, you may join the next live-stream starting tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10am, then followed by the next at 5pm [note: this is CEST – Central European Summer Time!].

More Info and schedule (in English) here:

My favorites so far are Thomas Jung, Harry Ogg and Katharina Wincor in this order.
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