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I am getting Gran Torino today, so until I see it let's hear what you think.
I just saw Eastwood on Inside The Actors Studio and was reminded of how great he has been. I am excited about , in spite of of few who have said they didn't like it.

I think the movie is going to, make my day, punk.;)

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I thought it was okay. Eastwood does a good Eastwood. Last third of the movie is a quite weak. More Whimsy Harry than Dirty Harry.

Gerard K H Love

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Yes, the wonderful Spaghetti Westerns.


Those were some great movies, for that time.
I'm gonna borrow this from my frind this week hopefully. It looks good from the trailer. He sure looks like one mean old grandad.

I do really rate Eastwood's recent films...I think he's a fine director. 'Letter's from Iwo Jima' in my opinion is on the best war film of recent years. 'Mystic river' was good as well. I can't remeber 'Million Dollar Baby' too well, but I enjoyed it at the cinema.

I have a slight obsession with spaghetti of course I gotta agree that TGTB&TU is Eastwood as his prime.

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I watched "Unforgiven", a few months ago, enjoyed it as much as when it came out in 92.
Eastwood also directed it.
With Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman.

Lolita Twist

I loved Gran Torino. I missed seeing Clint around. Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino reminds me of my grandfather. Aged, not like wine but beer that sets out in the open, still chilled though... fuck the metaphors, he's mean and grumpy and hilariously dry. And the opinion somewhere above that the last parts of the movie were "weak"... in my opinion that's misinterpreted. Eastwood is still Eastwood... but Eastwood is getting old. Is old. Beer loses it's carbonation after a while. Even bad apples soften up.
I think Eastwood has a fine body of work in general, but the pussy films, like Bridges of Madison County are just OK. Not bad, mind you, but not up to his usual timbre.

Bird, which he directed, and which stars Forest Whitaker (a fucking fine actor, in my opinion) as Charlie Parker, was a strangely fine film. Uncomfortable at times, but that's part of what makes it good. And real.

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