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Who's going?

I'll be there

Leonard Cohen will be there.

Amanda Palmer will be there.

Sir Paul McCartney will be there.

Be there
Funny you should mention Amanda Palmer. The Dresden Dolls are a bit of a local institution here in Boston. She also used to play a wedding dress mannequin in Harvard Square, and my ex-wife offered her a ciggie as we strolled past. Her eyes went very wide and she then went back into character.

I think I also went to a party they (you know, whomever they are - the proverbial they) gave at their apartment in the Back Bay somewhere in 2005. I was drunk.

She's talented and all, but why would you mention her and Paul McCartney in the same...anything?
She's talented and all, but why would you mention her and Paul McCartney in the same...anything?
Perhaps due to their similar photographic styles?

Isn't Coachella a miserable event to attend? I've never been to it, but I know the area it's in, and it's the kind of spot they "gave" to the Indians as reservations, or sent Japanese to live during WWII.
Isn't Coachella a miserable event to attend? I've never been to it, but I know the area it's in, and it's the kind of spot they "gave" to the Indians as reservations, or sent Japanese to live during WWII.


I live here. There are some Native American Reservations here. No Japanese internment camps.

It's pretty nice here most of the year. June July and August can be pretty brutal, but we survive.

The festival is quite nice. There is plenty of shade to be had, and the Polo Grounds are expansive enough that everyone has room to move about and find their own space. I never felt crowdwed, even when seeing the big names.
Yeah, I'm sure when a breeze comes up from the Salton "Sea" it's real nice. ;)

I've spent many a month over the past 25 years in Joshua Tree, and I love the high desert. If we didn't have to be in the city to make a living, we would probably be in an isolated place out there with nothing but rocks, cactus and tortoises around. I guess I was picturing some kind of festival there, and it did not look pretty. You know, in my imagination.

But I suppose if it really was uncomfortable it wouldn't be as successful as it has become, so what do I know.
The festival was Awesome.

Leonard Cohen was amazing. Bob Mould is still Punk Rock and awesome. X is in full glory. Paul Weller...WOW. Morrissey was bitter and pissy (What more could I ask for). The Cure was unstoppable last night. I could have listened to them for days, had they continued. There is so much more to process.

Oh yeah, in addition to Amanda Palmer staying at my house, Zoe Keating stayed over too. They were both wonderful and amazing people. The crew was also quite a pleasure.
i saw leonard cohen at the nokia a week or so ago, he was amazing. he and mccartney would be the only reason i'd go to cochella. i really hate festivals.
yes. that's your auditor. he's also a lawyer and owns a jewelery store. and he's circumcised and eats bagels and lox.

anything else you'd like to add to that, Sunshine? or now that you've had 3 dickhead posts, you've decided to turn over a new leaf and not be a twat.

that'd be nice, you not being a twat. here's me holding my breath.....
Ok, so not much more I like than a live gig. I probably attend roughly 75-100 per year and have done so since the early 90's. I have braved Coachella 2x and would never ever, even if you paid for my tickets, accomodations, etc go again. It is simply miserable, and I have to say that anyone I have ever known that has attended says the same thing. I guess it does depend on the individual and their tastes...But that heat, and the crowds and the hours in line for a dirty bathroom are insane. I agree mjp, thousands and thousands of people enjoy it, and Rob is a prime example. I'm glad someone can enjoy it, because there are always several great bands each year, but man I just can't do festivals that big, in the heat.

this years lineup did look good and I have not missed a Conor Oberst show in California for 9 years, this was the first. But I did see him on Thursday at the very small Glasshouse in Pomona, Ca with about 700 other people. Much better than watching with 100,000 other people!

glad you enjoyed it Rob, I really wish I could.
Oberst would be fun to see.
Glad you enjoyed Rob-do you have photo's or a here's how I would make it better opinion.
In short fill us (me) in I'm interested.
Care to rephrase that one more time Chronic? ;)

Glad you enjoyed, Rob. I've grown weary of the live music scene, but I know that there's still plenty to offer for many.
Just got back from 4 days in the desert, and I had a great time. To me, this year probably wasn't the best in terms of the performers, although my favorite band (Drive-By Truckers) did play in 2 seperate sets. The highlights for me were Paul McCartney, Public Enemy, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And I got to meet Booker T. Jones.

On the flipside, I was pretty disappointed with Henry Rollins. I went to his show expecting some Black Flag or Rollins Band, but the guy just delivered a 45 minute spoken-word set. I left after 10 minutes of listening to that guy wax idiotic about how pissed he was at the world.
I have some photos. They'll get posted as soon as I find my camera cord. I didn't take any video. It gets in the way of enjoying the moment.

I'll also find some time to write out a proper review.

For now, I have this, which Amanda emailed me from my back yard on Sunday morning.

I need to reboot my computer to hear that, but without hearing it I can tell you that a living room concert is punk!
Here's sort of what happened at the festival.

I saw:
Conor Oberst
Leonard Cohen
Silversun Pickups
Paul McCartney
Bob Mould
Blitzen Trapper
Amanda Palmer
Fleet Foxes
Band Of Horses
Jenny Lewis
Okkervil River
Gaslight Anthem
Peter Bjorn and John
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Paul Weller
The Cure.

I think I did alright.

PB&J were a huge let down. It was like they were playing melodies for beginners, and the guitarist thought that he was rocking much harder than he actually was. Silversun had a rough start with a poor vocal mix at the beginning, but it got worked out.

Cohen was AMAZING

X and Mould Punk Rocked like it was the 80's

Weller was stellar

Morrissey was as pissy and put off as I expected

Okkervil and Blitzen Trapper were nice new discoveries for me.

Amanda put on quite a show with Zoe

The Cure Was the perfect end to the weekend. Robert Smith said they would play until we all lweft, and that's what they tried to do. It took the police pulling the plug to get them off the stage, and even then it took them three more songs. They continued to play with onlty their stage monitors still functioning.
I feel like I have to share one more thing.

It's a video of Amanda and Zoe playing A muse cover in my living room.

That was very cool Rob. I love that song and I love the Cello so it was extra cool and in your living room, as mjp said, that is punk.:)
thanks for sharing that.
Yup Rob thanks for sharing. Huge Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer fan, I think she has one of the best blogs I've ever read. Always keeps me entertained. You also saw the best of the best bands for the day and that Cure story makes me mad that I didn't go...but I just can't handle Coachella anymore.

Thanks again for sharing!
Eh, not sure why anyone would go Friday? Saturday almost wants to make me break my no coachella rule, if only for Faith No More, the Dead Weather, MGMT and JOHN FNG WATERS! Though, what the hell will John Waters be doing there? Or is that some crap band that's using his name? Sunday, well if I could get flown in by a helicopter to see Julian Casablancas, then flown right out, I'd go.

By the way, Muse needs to switch spots with Faith No More, FNM should be the headliner!
I am going on Friday for LCD Soundsystem, Echo and the Bunnymen, PIL, Fever Ray, She and Him, Grace Jones, the Avett Bros, and Deer Tick to name a few. I'll have to wait for the set times to see who has to be cut.

Don't forget Devo on Saturday...Or the Raveonettes...or Edward Sharpe......or Girls...or the XX

What about Pavement, Phoenix, Gary Numan and Florence and the Machine on Sunday?

There are 5 stages!
Despite the backlash currently coming their way - Florence and the Machine are actually a tidy live act, so I would recommend checking them out.

It's a weird festival lineup though - full of nostalgia acts living from the past such as The Specials, Sly and the Family Stone and Faith No More alongside some of the biggest acts in music today (Jay-Z, Muse, Gorrilaz) as well as the flavour of the month acts.
My master plan


Jets Overhead
Deer Tick
The Avett Brothers
*Hockey OR Yeasayer
*She & Him OR Ra Ra Riot
Passion Pit
+Them Crooked Vultures
Echo And The Bunnymen
*+LCD Soundsystem OR Imogen Heap
+The Whitest Boy Alive

Porcupine Tree
+Portugal The Man
+The Temper Trap
+Beach House
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
The XX
Bad Lieutenant
+The Dead Weather

One EskimO
The Soft Pack
Local Natives
Florence and the Machine
Julian Casablancas
*+Gary Numan OR Orbital
Thom Yorke

* conflict...any help with this decision is appreciated.

+ partial set

So, That's where I may be. Tough three days, but I think I'm up for it.

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