Colin Will wants to know what he's missing - he doesn't "get" Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Figures. He seems to be arguing for things over there that he argued against here. What a shock.
Colin Will just sounds jealous to me, because his writing doesn't sell, and Bukowski's will continue to sell as long as it's published.
Someone named Rob posted a comment there and linked to a site where some of the members amuse themselves by posting real and fake Buk poems. Then people are challenged with finding out which of the poems are Buk's and which are fake. They obviously don't think much of Buk at that site:
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sorry it's been a while since I've posted. But i read this and had to respond, I don't understand when people like Colin Will say Bukowski is a guy poet with testosterone. I am a women, i say fuck, I do fuck, I did drink. He was one of the first writers i read as a teen that was honest. I like his books but I love his poems, many speak more honestly about heartbreak, loneliness, death, and love .., more than many earlier English and American poets. they are raw, brutally honest so why would that only appeal to men? Sorry to rant but I felt the testosterone levels in me rise:)
I agree with you, Talmadge. I know a great number of women who love Buk's writings. I, personally, don't take any heed whatsoever in anything Colin Will says or writes.
I'm also a woman, I love Buk from the first pages I read because of that sparkling truth I find in his writings and which clarifies my own existence. But I know very few women who do stand him. A lot of them are disgusted by his dirty world and above all by his rudeness. I've never suggested Buk to my closest friends because I know in advance what their reactions would be. I prefer to offer them Jane Austen's books for their birthdays.
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When people say "I don't get" such and such, isn't that basically a way of pussying out of saying you think something sucks? I mean... that's why I usually use the "I don't get it" or "it doesn't appeal to me" line...

Still, if you don't get it you probably won't, regardless of any number of e-mails, readings, or re-readings...
bukfan, i read that thread you linked to. i got quite a kick out of it. i think most all of us here were able to recognise the buk poems but none of the original compositions seemed to capture the soul of the poet - just poking fun is all, i guess.
I'm very fond of zombies, really. But in Romero's films only (I mean his best ones). Without forgetting the hilarious Shaun of the dead.

He even dared changing the mythical introduction "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife" into "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." I seriously wonder what he has done of the chapter 34, the proposal's one, my favourite one.

He's definitely gone too far.

If one day I ever catch him, he'll severely pay for that sacrilege, I swear.
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I can see why Bukowski can be viewed as a guy poet by some, simply because his persona seems to override his anima.
Personally I never saw him that way. In fact, I found a lot of myself in him and could laugh about it.
Perseverance, honesty, courage, talent, style and simplicity do not have a gender.
Thirst either.:)
Whoever said that Bukowski is a guy poet, is missing half of the picture. The top for instance.;)
Good stuff, Black Swan. Whenever a woman derides Buk (and I've heard it several times, but most of the women I know in this urban area dig him), I have to wonder what the underlying reason might be. I mean, it's fine if it's not your thing, but the knee-jerk reactions always made me wonder; there's far more beauty and introspection than there is anything to get one's panties all wadded up in one's taint (hey, I've got one too). My wife has read Buk, and thought him a very good writer; not really her cup of tea, but she's got no problem at all about the whole picture.

(She didn't find the humor in Post Office that I did, but she thought it was very well written.) You know, for example.
Guy I've never heard of? Check.
Blogspot? Check.

He's passed the only current criteria for me not caring what he says about Bukowski.
I don't see Bukowski as a "Guy Poet". I'm actually not quite sure what that actually is.
I don't read his poetry and say "wow I can feel the testosterone." Hardly. He writes about things that were in his life and things he knew. I really appreciate the honesty. I guess I can see how some woman might be put off by his frankness, but he is a guy. I'm rereading Ham on Rye right now, I can understand how some might be offended because they would never speak so directly about things that affect them so intimately or their coming into their own on matters like sexuality or saying what you really think. To them, and this probably is not necessarily directed specifically at women per say, those things are "Private".

Living in the US, we Americans are very modest about such things. I mean think about it, it was only 100 years ago where if a woman were to show her ankle it was risque...:eek:

I am not, nor have I ever been offended or put off by any thing I have read of Mr. Bukowski's. Quite the opposite I devour every word... and I'm not even close to devouring it all.:)
Someone named Rob posted a comment there and linked to a site where some of the members amuse themselves by posting real and fake Buk poems. Then people are challenged with finding out which of the poems are Buk's and which are fake. They obviously don't think much of Buk at that site:

well, we all know the best fake Buk poem is this one ;).

( sorry. self promoting pomo mofo that I am...)
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i honestly don't 'get' people who don't 'get' bukowski.

i can definitely understand why people wouldn't 'get' someone like raymond carver (who'll i'll rep any day of the week) or jackson pollock (two names mentioned in the piece), or any other writer, artist, musician. beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc etc insert other relevant cliches etc etc. but i genuinely don't understand how anyone could not enjoy reading a book like 'post office' or 'factotum', or a ton of bukowski's poetry. to me, it's the same as saying "i don't like listening to a cool old dude tell me this really interesting story about his life" - i mean, who doesn't like that kind of thing? what's wrong with these people? i bet these people hate their grandparents, too.
And I don't get people who don't get Danielle Steel, Barbara Cartland and R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" series. :mad:

More seriously, what's wrong with people who don't get people who don't get Bukowski ?
Figures. He seems to be arguing for things over there that he argued against here. What a shock.

Not true.

I've always said - never be afriad to criticise bukowski. But I've always loved the man. I guess after I while posting here, I realised there was too much hero worship. And I disliked that. So I wanted to counter-point many of the points. Which sadly, left to a lot of mud slinging and me acting hyperactive and insane.

I wanted the devil's advocate.

It's easy to love something.
It blinds you.
You confirm constantly your own bias.
I want people to understand why some people hate something, and why they are not simply fools for it.

I was surprised to find this post here.
I've met Colin before at a poetry reading in Edinburgh.
He's a decent wee man. I don't know him well at all.
He come's from the highlands of Scotland.
A very different culture than Bukdom.

If he doesn't particular like Bukowski - SO FUCK!
why deride the man as though he had insulted the Queen?
If he can't see the truth of Buk maybe
he found it somewhere else.

my love
is weak orange
juice. but i still
squeeze the
love out of it.
I did come on here and try to counter some of the points on Bukowski. Perhaps some felt it was an attack. To be honest, it was a fool, ranting about, making slapdash posts in the spirit of the moment. But that sport of thing always FAILS on the internet.

I haven't been on this site for a long long time. Life got busy with me. I grew up a bit as well i.e. I'm not longer a reactionary person always wanting to play devil's advocate. But, yeah, I'm not quite so ridiculous now...well, just a bit. I'm still half queer and baffled by life.
Well, you like Bukowski and you are honest, but I've always gotten a kick out of your devil's advocate routine. So now that you've grown up show us what you're made of.

edit: welcome back, again.

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