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zoom man

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Well, I hate to be the one to start such a tread,
But it looks like 2 of my favorite owned collectible Buk books
were 'thrown out'
While I was away on a 2 week 'lost weekend'.
(one was a 1 of only 1 '"Printer's Copy".)

It seems like this forum is the perfect place for recountability of what's out threre and what's still really available.

Has anyone else lost a collectible book?,
and shouldn't we all be aware of which book/and version it was?

Thanks guys, and I'll let you know
(I'm tearing this motor home up now, looking and praying and looking more)


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Wow, sorry to hear. Which books and what kind of imbecile* would throw them away?

*with apologies to imbeciles everywhere


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what kind of imbecile* would throw them away?

*with apologies to imbeciles everywhere

no offense taken.

but, seriously, zoom, I'm very sorry to hear they're gone. hope they turn up in the trailer toss.

fingers and all available appendages crossed.
Unless a book is trashed (and otherwise a cheap throwaway to begin with), why would anyone throw a book away? Hopefully they show up under your mattress during a hot threesome sometime in the very near future.


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Sorry to hear, Zoom! What happened while you were away? I sure hope they'll show up again!
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zoom, that is a true bummer. I am very attached to my book collection, and though I've never had anyone throw my stuff away, I have had to sell off precious items that I will always regret and wish I had kept. About 16 years ago I lost a very personal journal,(it flew out the back of a pickup truck). I still think about it and wonder if anyone found it, maybe they still have it. Best of Luck, CRB:)

zoom man

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Not a lot of time to vent right now,
But they are definitely gone
(and there were 3 of them, and for the life of me, I can't remember the 3rd one,... have to dig out my list of books-and-where-they-are papers.


'Printer's Copy' of the BSP edition of Run With the Hunted (pretty book)

Hard Back copy of Firestation

and, ?

Damn, that hurt to type....
thinking about selling all my shit now and setting off to Cabo again for good.
It's all just 'stuff' anyway
(but damn it, I always liked stuff :confused:)

You all will get 1st dibs on Buk stuff if I do.


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damn man,thats sad. sorry to hear. and your right, stuff is just stuff. (but some of it's good stuff)


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Damn, Zoom! This is just so depressing to hear, because You can't get another Printers Copy of Run With The Hunted. But Cheer up, you might be able to find a nice lettered copy one day! And Fire Station can be replaced.
I know it's tough, but please, don't sell your Buk collection!
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zoom man

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Found Alive!

The 2 MIA books are back amongst the living!

Too much drama for anyone to have to hear,
but the short of it->
after the longest night of the year,
(and literally too)
and then helping pack up some "friends'" shit this next glassy-eyed morning,
ah, there they were.

(and BTW, I erroneously said the Run with the Hunted was a 'Publishers Copy'; it's a 'File Copy'.)

Anyway, I'm ecstatic,
and wanted to share a little happy with you all,
especially after looking at the Last Christmas photos....
Though thank you so much Roni for sharing them.



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Jubiii! That's great news, Zoom! What a nice Christmas story. So you had just forgotten where you put them. What a relief! Now you can enjoy Christmas without brooding over those books. Don't forget to thank Santa! ;)
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