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I know many of us on are collectors. Collectors of many different things. Most of the stuff I've collected over my life span, I've never intended to sell. However I think as many have experienced, times our tough. So every now and then I will try and unload some stuff that I think may be of some value, or will at least bring me back the money I originally spent to purchase the item. I have some sure fire things that I know will bring value, at times 5-6 times the value I paid for them. But of course, those are the hardest to part with. I have collected Michael Jordan shoes for as long as I can remember, and know throwing a pair of those on eBay will bring anywhere from $200.00 to $600.00 bucks, depending on that version. These are also shoes that I originally paid anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 for.

But my point on this topic is, what are the types of things that you've collected that now, you really couldn't give away? To this day, my childhood closet at my parents is filled from TOP to BOTTOM with ONE thing. Action figures! I haven't lived in that home for 15 years, so thanks mom for not letting my dad sell everything at a yard sale for $5.00! But anyway throughout this year, I have occasinally taken a box, or a bag full of action figures, to try and make some extra cash. I have quickly learned that most everything is WORTH NOTHING. About 50% of the figures are star wars figures like this:


The other 50% is divided between sports figures, movie figures, etc. BUT damn! Most of these I paid maybe between $6 and $10, but a lot of the 12" figures etc maybe more like $20-$30! Now, NOTHING, really NONE of them will sell even at .99! I've started a few listings at .99, hoping it would sell for 2-3 bucks. Well they never sell for 2-3bucks, once in the last month a 2 figure lot did sell for the .99! It was these two Jack Sparrow figures that I bought in like 2003, and I think I paid like $15 bucks each! hahaha, what a waste of time and money!


So I'm done with selling them, I mean I'd rather give them away to kids in the family or something, but any one else ever wake up to realize, they had spent a lot of time and money collecting stuff that would be hard to give away nowadays?
I've got tons of things I wouldn't part with and even if I'd consider, wouldn't get any remarkable sums. They're not of any money-value.

What I tend to 'collect' are 'contemporary witnesses of their times', like magazines, adds, single articles, etc.

(e.g. right after 9/11, I went and bought nearly every newspaper for several days. Or back in 1987 a new local monthly magazine was founded [it's still in existence, which no one expected back then] and I kept the whole first two years' copies. I also keep D.I.Y.-flyers, that announce local bands or stuff like that. I guess, I'm the genuine 'hoarder' in a way.)
I hear ya Roni. I keep way too much stuff as well, a hoarder like you said. I agree, most of the stuff I've collected I'd never part with, whether it would bring value or not. Some of the stuff though, like that action figures that I could open a store with(there's so many) I had no problem parting with. However at 10 cents here, and 1 buck there, I guess they will just stay put for now.
In my younger and more vulnerable years I was a HUGE Star Wars nerd. Now I'm about an average sized Star Wars nerd. But I collected and collected the card game that was released by Wizards of the Coast... I've got something in the neighborhood of 3000 cards out of packs and probably another 1000 or so still in foil packages and... yeah, they would net me precisely dick on the collectors market now.

Not that I ever planned to sell them, nor did I really WASTE my money because all I had back then was disposable income...
Sometimes I wonder if there is any other specific thing that has created more collectors than Star Wars. Hahhah. Well maybe it was a generation thing, like anyone I know that was born or grew up in the 70's collected Star Wars stuff at some point.

As I was cleaning up my garage today, I remembered, baseball cards certainly do not seem to have any worth nowadays either. I tried to sell a box with 1,500 plus baseball cards from the 80's. I started the auction at .99 and that's where it ended at .99 cents with NOT one bid. It had about 11 views, but still no one wanted it.

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