"... what was needed now
was a good comedian, ancient style, a jester
with jokes upon absurd pain ..."

('the tragedy of the leaves' in: 'burning in water...', p.15)

Father Luke

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This economy, Folks, it's Murder.
Just Murder.

Some greats I didn't see mentioned above (forgive me if I missed 'em)

Keith Anthony
Patton Oswalt
Maria Bamford

Of course, it seems that in comedy, like in so many other arts, one person's taste is another person's etsat.
it's been said, but Mitch Hedberg was something fierce. If you can, find his indie film "Los Enchiladas"...lots of really funny ad-lib craziness.

Bernie Mac (old school)
Denis Leary's 'no cure for cancer'

and not stand-up but funny as hell:
-Tenacious D
-Mr.Show (Bob Odenkirk & David Cross)
- and for kids of the 80's, the animated show Robot Chicken is hilarious.
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