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I was wondering if anyone on this site has some knowledge of printing a small chapbook or leaflet via computer, short of simply puying lots of paper and printing it DIY, I was hoping some of you guys might be able to point me in the direction of some online package (prefrably free) that can be used in conjunction with my computer. Or do you know of any Microsfot Online Word Templates that allow for chapbook style booklets to be made?

Any information you have on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Word can do booklets, but you will have to work things out if you are planning to print on opposite pages, I mean so it looks like a regular book.

How it comes out of the printer also depends on your printer and what its driver will let you do. I used to have a HP deskjet that would very cleverly print one side of the sheets, then you'd just feed the same sheets back in, but flipped over and it would print the other sides.

Your best bet is to just experiment.

Are you thinking that you want to have the final booklet to be A5 size?

In Word do something like
File > Page Setup > Margins > Pages > Multiple Pages > Book Fold

That should do the trick.

Plus look at
File > Page Setup > Paper > Print Options > Options For Duplex Printing

Your actual text in Word should flow as normal. ie, you won't have to insert page 4 before 3 or whatever.

If you have the whole Office suite, Publisher will give you more in way of templates.

Anyway, thats about it for my experience :)

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