Concerning the Alphabet of Manliness (Tucker Max and feminazi blog ensue within) (1 Viewer)

So I was trolling The Best Fanpage in the Universe and found Tucker Max's review (and that community's response to it) of Maddox's book. Somehow I ended up at some review of the book by a woman named Lafsky who maintains a blog at and wrote a freelance piece (which is linked to within my next link) for the Huffington Post (fuck if I know what that is, or care) about it. I stayed up till 4 AM EST reading the comments on Huff Post and the entire thread on Tucker Max's message board. The following link detail pretty much the whole episode and is definitely worth a look:

Edit: Ensue... gross... pretend I said contained. I'm still a bit tired.
Funny you should mention Tucker Max... my cousin lent me his book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, I have to say, it's the first book I've basically read cover to cover in quite a while, it had me laughing out loud at 3AM all by myself. I was stoked. I like the guy, I don't give a shit if his mother didn't breast feed him enough as a child.

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