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Anyone have info on how many hardcover copies of this actually were printed? The reason I ask is that, according to the colophon, all the hardcover copies were either numbered or lettered, but I found a hardcover copy this weekend without a number (there are also a copule unnumbered hardcovers available on abe). Any ideas?
Can you take a pic of the cover and/or Title page?
If it's dated 1995
then it should be numbered and/or lettered (251 of the 1st, 31 of the later).
All issued Gratis....
I managed to talk the guy at the bookstore down $10 on the price, since it wasn't numbered...bonus for me. also, I was excited because it printed an unpublished story, but then i remembered that it was in betting on the muse when i got home. oh well... still a nice piece.
It seems like there are many exceptions to Buk items. It's very confusing...
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