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We don't get much, if any, hockey talk around here, but given that it was Buk's long-time home and that we have a number of LA folks here, hats off to the Kings for winning the toughest and most storied trophy in all of sports.

I wonder if they can out-do the Bruins' bar tab from last year.
Didn't watch the end of it. All seemed a forgone conclusion. The local Canucknuckleheads have been hoping for the Kings just because Vancouver has been knocked out by Cup winners Black Hawks, Bruins and, now, the Kings. A small solace as rioters from last year are just being sentenced.

Bukowski did a couple hockey poems. Hog, from War All the Time, is the one I can find right now. Never really liked that one. Too Slap Shot for me. Maybe it was about L.A. King Randy Holt and the 67 minutes of penalties he racked up in one game.

Saw the Kings at the Fabulous Forum years ago. Must have been the mid 1970s as the hecklers were on a goaltender named Edwards. "Edwards! You're a fuckin' sieve!". Gary Edwards of the Kings? Detroit was playing.

More recently I read a bio of goalie Terry Sawchuck. Sad moment, late in his career, when he came to play for the Kings. They offered him double what he had been making. He broke down in tears. Another player screwed over for far too many years.

Expansion was good for the players. Congrats to the Kings.
That would indeed be Gary Edwards. Had a very good season in '74-'75. Not so good before and after that. Probably selling used Studebakers in Saskatoon these days.
i bet that dummy that took the major in the first period didn't sleep too well last nite.

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