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it looks like he's on a stage.
so maybe this was when he acted in Linda King's play 'The Tenant'.

thanks cire!
from 'Loving and Hating Bukowski':

Bukowski didn't move in right away, but later agreed to move in with me as a tenant. It was during the time when Bukowski and I lived together that I wrote a play called ONLY A TENANT. It was about a tenant who had bedroom privileges, but paid rent like a tenant. He had to abide by his landlady's rules or he was in danger of getting evicted. Bukowski and I did a staged reading of the first act of this play at Pasadena Museum of the Arts. I had to bribe my daughter to play her part in the play. She played it with a decided flare and didn't drop a line. Bukowski was a surprisingly good actor. He did a little ad-libbing when he thought his part needed more or better lines.
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roni -- thanks for posting that quote. Has "Loving and Hating Bukowski" been published -- am I that much out of touch? I thought it was being shopped around. Or do you have a back channel copy somehow? Anyway, that's enlightening. Linda King writing a play about Bukowski and him doing it on stage is just something I never could have imagined. I wonder if there are any more photos, an audio tape, maybe even film or video? And what about the play -- has it been published?
... I thought it was being shopped around...

yes, it WAS being shopped around.
and i was one of the guys who got a copy that way.
there was a time, when it seemed perfectly possible, that it would be published in Germany in the Original language. alas, it didn't happen.
and to my knowledge, it still remains unpublished. (except for a few excerpts here and there.)
Interesting pic! - Thanks, cirerita!

Where's the pic from?
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yes, it WAS being shopped around.
and i was one of the guys who got a copy that way...

Lucky you. I'm interested in what Linda King has to say about Bukowski. She knew him as well as anyone did, maybe better, and she's a no-bull writer. I hope that book gets published. I'd buy a copy.
One interesting little detail, may be nothing. Bukowski has a very long finger nail on his left pinky. Like some of the old time stoners I knew who have since passed on.
I found this: In the Balkans, a solitary long fingernail on the pinky finger of a man signifies that he is single. In Bulgaria, a long fingernail on the pinky finger is considered "fashion" by working-class men.

He was, most of time, both!

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