Corey Haim, anyone surprised? (1 Viewer)

I'm more surprised we have a thread-Farrah didn't get a thread despite the poster...when does the madness end?????

I remember some discussions about Farrah after her death but it may have been in the Jacko thread.

It was kind of funny that Danny Bonaduce was on the TV about him. It is sad that all of that childhood fame and notoriety is a precursor to dysfunction in later life. Unless they keep making money-oh that's right I did just mention Michael Jackson.
Is that the silver lining or the dark cloud?

Ah, not sure, but the 15th movie I've watched this year was South Beach Academy starring Corey Feldman, and hey, it made me laugh for a total of maybe 3 minutes out of the 90 minutes it played on the dvd player. Hey it was like $1.00 at Big Lots and it seemingly fell into my cart as I looked for cheap picture frames.
I'm sad to see Haim dead, but not surprised. I watched nearly every damn episode of The Two Coreys. Like a train wreck, couldn't keep my eyes off it. Haim said he was clean, but there were a few episodes where you know he had to be on something.

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