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I stumbled upon a 50 pages (!) long PDF file about the Corrington-Bukowski correspondence. It's called, "The John William Corrington & Charles Bukowski Correspondence: On Poetry and Writing" - edited by James R. Elkins.
It looks likes good stuff. Here's the link:

I also found a PDF called: "The Class of Bukowski: Engaging LaGuardia Working Class Students with the Novels of Charles Bukowski", by Carlos Hiraldo, professor in English. It's about how he uses Bukowski in his classes.
Here's the link:

And here's a poem by Buk about Camus. I don't know if it's been collected:

Here's a PDF, 176 pages long (!), filled up with Bukowski poems:

Here's a thesis by a Daniel Bigna for a degree of Master of Arts, Australia 2005 :
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Lots of very interesting reading there! Now to find the time to get through it all.

I note that Corrington calls him Chas (or Chaz or Chazz) at the outset and on a quick flick through I don't see that changing to Hank.
Maybe it got hit too hard and they took it down. It's a big file. I have it on my desktop at home. If it continues to fail I'll put it up somewhere.

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