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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Here center stage, your new old friend Cory. Also, no joke, in a rehab facility owing to alcoholism. You might say that Mr. Bukowski is a bit too much of a hero of mine. I just found this forum, and I think that fate may have made that so. That or the poor, uneven list of forbidden websites. Facebook is forbidden, but Google+ isn't. Of course, no one uses Google+ anyway.

33 year old man. Two suicide attempts. Sober for 26 days, new record. Somewhere between too many and not enough tattoos. Also a big fan of Tom Waits, Joy Division, Sylvia Plath, pre-war Mississippi Delta Blues, New Orleans, Boren und der Club of Gore, Weimar Berlin, dive bars, dusty 45s, Moby Dick, film noir, and so on.

Yesterday I was scolded for trying to start the Wave at an AA meeting. I'm bad at sticking around internet forums.

Just another tipsy sailor on these sad dark seas.
That's a lot. Hold on or let go or whatever works. And maybe hold off on reading Hank for awhile. Just a friendly suggestion.
26 days is great, good luck!
I'm not reading too much of him right now. Although I've posted "The Laughing Heart" on my door. I think it helps. Re-reading Moby Dick at the moment.
Well, I'm still in rehab, so there's no drinking for me right now regardless of how I feel about it.

I'll be sober for a while when I get out, but there's no telling how long a while will be. I can't plan on being sober for the rest of my life. But I can stay sober today. The whole "one day at a time" thing.
Just another tipsy sailor on these sad dark seas.

He was not only useless as an officer and a bad influence amongst the men, but it was plain that at this rate he must soon kill himself outright, so nobody was much surprised, nor very sorry, when one dark night, with a head sea, he disappeared entirely and was seen no more.

"Overboard!" said the captain. "Well, gentlemen, that saves the trouble of putting him in irons."

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