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Could it be vomitus? (1 Viewer)

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'Someone has dropped liquid of some sort on the contents and the publication page, which seeped through to the next page as well.'


I'm surprised they haven't used the 'puked on after a hard nights drinking - Buk would've love it like this' sales pitch.
I'm sure that someone will use this pitch in the future. Somehow some people think that you can actually "sell up" damage. If you are not a collector and are not that worried about condition that is fine, but it seems odd to actually buy something because of "cool" damage. Of course, it happens all of the time.

On another note, I collect Daguerrotypes. They are the first photography from the 1840's and 1850's. They are the ones on polished silverplates. There were no negatives yet so each one is unique. One exposure one Daguerrotypewith no copies possible (without re-photographing the Daguerrotype)

There is an ebay seller famous for his "Embellishments" of them. He seems to find one that looks vaguely like someone famous and then sells it up as being a previously unknown photo of them. He offers them at hundreds or thousands of dollars. When people bring up that these are not of famous people, he gets VERY defensive and accuses people of trying to sabotage his legitimate sales and questions their ability to know. Of course his listings are worded vague enough so that he said that he "believes" this to be an unknown image of this person. No guarantees, etc...

There is big money in these things. A common Daguerrotype sells for about $75 in good condition (and a common type pose). Recently a previously unknown image of Poe surfaced (At the Antiques Roadshow of all places) and it is worth over $50,000 (She paid $96 for it at an antique shop), plus it is such avaluable piece of history. I think that Poe was only photographed three or 4 times and one of them was of his corpse.

Is that the same guy who was trying to sell (what he claimed was) an Abraham Lincoln Daguerrotype?
The supposed Lincoln Dag has more merit. I have to admit that I am on the fence with that one. He contacted facial reconstruction experts and plastic surgeons and they have made measurements that show that the unknown man's features and Lincolns are the same. Those important things like distance from eye to eye and eye locatin in realtion to nose, etc. Still, he is not having luck selling the Lincoln either.

But to answer your question, the other seller is making a MUCH larger jump. For example, he would take a man with a big white beard that looked like Santa Claus and say that it was an unknown image of Hemingway. Of course, Hem was after daguerreotypes, but you get the point. That point being that his leaps are not even close and are not with any science in mind. Just a feeling that this photo "could" be this person...


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