Craby Joe's sign (Think beginning of Barfly) (1 Viewer)

will be on display at the Museum of Neon Art.

I was lucky enough to have become good friends with the owners of Craby Joe's shortly before the irradiation of anything not clean and marketable in downtown Los Angeles. I got the sign and contacted the Museum of Neon Art right away. They've been trying to get the sign for years and they're very excited.

So...the neon will be replaced and the sign will glow once again like it did in the movie Barfly. I can't wait.

Exhibit is going on in conjunction with the downtown Artwalk if anyone in LA cares.

The important work of preserving our national cultural heritage continues. It may just be a neon bar sign to most people, but it's THAT neon bar sign. Good job.
Rekrab is right!
Thats the difference from thinking about doing something really cool and doing something really cool-you win today Jeremy!

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