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All this Dangling in the T sig stuff has made me ever so slightly paranoid... looking over my collection and ran into this little gem... it the Swedish ed of Hollywood...hope you like it (one of my favs...)


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NP FL... all the more special since Hank gave it me with this inscription...


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Yes it is very nice indeed. Not to mention that you have first-hand proof of the authenticity of a signature that looks much like the one in your copy of "Dangling..."

Thanks for sharing.
\yeah but this signed in 1990 D in T was 1981 - Funny enough found the invoice for Dang - bought it in 2002 from rep source (for what thats worth lol)
anyways glad you like pic \faye sure looks hot!
I've never seen that photo before. It's great! And the inscription is great too, with the drawing of the little man with the bottle! Lucky you, Bilko Joe!
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