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I've read this one last night. Anybody know it? It's about a group of people who get sexually aroused by car crashes.

It seems a bit 70's somehow, with acid-trips and all the sex sexsexsex sex sex dominating the live of the protagonists, but there is some heavy and seriously disturbing shit going on in that novel. Unfortunately the writing style is a bit heavy, at least for me - but I tried to read it in English, so probably it's easier for you native speakers(?)

There is also a Cronenberg movie made out of it, I've learned.
The movie is quite good but it doesn't do the book justice in my opinion. I don't think Ballard's books are easy to adapt to the big screen, with 'Empire of the Sun' being a notable exception. That's far more autobiographical than any of his other novels though. Particularly his earlier stuff. If you liked Crash, I think you'd also appreciate High Rise and Concrete Island.
Thanks, I plan to read his other novels as well.

If 'Crash' would be autobiographical, there would be something to worry. The protagonist is called 'James Ballard', though, and I've read that the real James Ballard was involved in a car crash shortly after the book came out.
I think it's autobiographical in the sense he's a bit of a perve, but then again - who isn't? ;)
His actual autobiography (which he wrote when he realised he was dying) is excellent too by the way. It's called Miracles of Life.
I read several Ballard novels years ago, Sci-Fi written in the 60s and 70s. It was good stuff. If Crash feels 70s, it was probably written then.

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