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English ones are available from

My disc has Dutch, French and English. Not sure how easy they are to rip...


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Domator, if you like I send you a copy of the movie for free.

In Crazy Love they speak some form of ""Flemish dialect". Even for me not so easy to understand...
So I guess that's the reason the disc also has Dutch subtitles.
i know that this topic is outdated by over a year, but Crazy Love is and has been available with english subtitles for quite a while. . . I got my copy at more than a year and a half ago . . . definitely before october of last year, so if anyone is still looking for it check out diabolikdvd. . .


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lol man i wish they were around back when i watched it all the way through without them.
i was just trying to figure out what was going on. it wasnt too bad though.

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The stranger it gets, I love Buk. But this film was a little too spooky for me. This coming from a guy whose 2 favorite movies are "Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolf" and "Showgirls". I think what was missing was Buk's sense of humor in the face of horror. That sense of humor is such a critical bridge to understanding and accepting life. Without it, the pain is overwhelming.

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It is a very strange film indeed. I don't need subtitles cause I speak Dutch/Flemish... I like that Bukowski was enthusiastic about this film. Bukowski liked Eraserhead as well. I guess he liked his films to be a bit weird.
I only tried to watch this movie once. That was somwhere around 2001 or 2002 and I wasn't even able to finish it.

Not because I couldn't take hurt and pain in a movie, but I simply DID NOT FEEL my Bukowski in it.
I even didn't feel the pain at all. It was emotionless to me.
That thing made no impression at all; it just bored me.

When I found out, Bukowski liked that movie, I was embarrassed. I couldn't understand. And can't now.

Maybe I should give it another chance.
But not tonight.

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