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Crazy price or is it just me... (1 Viewer)

Seems like a lot of dough for this. No artwork or signature. But nice shout-out to Bill.

It is a lot of dough.

But it is rare (and it is signed - all of the Post Office HC firsts were), and you won't find a cheaper copy in the same condition.

I don't know that I've ever seen any copy in this condition. And if "condition is king," as most collectors will tell you, the price isn't too high. If it was on ABE (or when it gets to ABE), it will likely be listed for twice what he's trying to get here.
There's a copy on abe now that's near fine (with a chip on the DJ and "dust staining" on the top edge) for $3,500. I agree that the copy Scott is selling is practically mint. I just have to keep reminding myself that the mint wraps copy I bought from mjp is the true first.

And it is a nice mention of Bill, but he's trying to divest himself from the clamshell business.
yeah, it is nice of him to mention me, but as was mentioned, I am not making many clamshells lately. Just too time consuming and I had to make a decision; more books or clamshells. books won. I still owe at least one person a clamshell though....

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