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How many of the 3100 copies were signed?

All of the copies were signed.

What are the variants? were there different print runs? Does the content differ? How do I recognise a variant?

There are so many variants that I'm not going to key them all in. If you have the Krumhansl bibliography it lists them in the last paragraph on page 29. There were copies with art, with letters or manuscripts bound in, with special papers, with aphorisms, fat books, skinny books, books that climb on rocks, tough books, sissy books, even books with chicken pox, and so on. There are even wraparound bands printed on different colored stock. If your copy is just signed and dated it is probably one of the regular edition.

There was only one print run, but it apparently lasted months. Loujon was a two person shop running ancient equipment.
I was going to buy it for $275, but i decided it would be worth the extra $40,825 to buy the boxed edition. Then i got off the ferry at make-believe land and ate from the candy tree.

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