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Crucifix in a Deathhand (1 Viewer)

I just obtained a etching? poster? bookcover? by Noel Rockmore, Bukowski : Crucifix in a Deathhand. The size is 26"w 13"h, on one end is a photo/bio of Rockmore and the other end a photo of Bukowski/comments on his writing. Its black on cream color heavy watercolor paper. Found in New Orleans. Any one know any thing regarding this item?


Do you have a scan? It may be an unused cover (which would be very cool) or it could be a cover that was removed from a book (which would not be so cool. If it is not bent, then it may be an unused cover....

I'm not sure if there is much value, but if it is an unused cover then that's cool... I can say that I have never seen one...



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On the Loujon DVD there's a lady who owns a restaurant in the French Quarter. She has an unused copy of the Crucifix cover hanging in the men's room. On the DVD she shows it to Gypsy Lou...
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Its very attractive. It has a small water stain in the lower rh corner which i plan to have removed before getting it framed.

I know the lady that owns that restaurant. I'll drop in to take a leak and compare the two, but i think now its a unused book cover as i got it from a very good friend of Gypsy Lou.
Saabguy, Do you live in Nola? They also used to have an unused cover framed in Dauphine St. Books in the French Quarter. i picked up a copy of Outsider #1 in there as well.
oh man, that's a shame. i haven't visited the bookstores since katrina, just the bars. i was living there until the hurricane. so maybe the upperline restaurant obtained their framed copy of the "crucifix" cover from dauphine st books? just a thought....
Sounds like you have a nice relic, no matter the worth. Frame it in UV-protective glass, and throw a signed Buk broadside from as early as you can find in there (e-bay throws some relics that go un-noticed now and again). Keep it for 20 years, and sell it for $1,000. Or, keep it and use it as a way to promote three-somes with your wife and whomever happens to admire it (300-lb whores exempted, of course).


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I was friends with both Gypsy Lou and Rockmore. Gypsy Lou is still alive and has just recently had a book written about Loujon Press and the Outsiders called Bohemian New Orleans. Jeff Weddle, who wrote it contacted me on myspace when he learned I was friends with Rockmore. He has a myspace account called Bohemian New Orleans if your interested in checking it out. The funny part about hearing from Jeff and his new book was that Noel always addressed me as "You little Bohemian" when we were together.
This is indeed a cool find if it is the cover of the original book. When Noel was alive he had misplaced a piece of artwork that he needed another copy of. I was spending a week at Yale University and obtained the piece Noel needed but while there viewed a copy of Crucifix In A Death Hand at Beinecke Rare Book Library. They require you to wear gloves while viewing any books. How exciting for you to be in possession of such a great treasure.
I'm sorry to hear the Dauphine St. Book Store is no longer open. I spent many hours there when I lived in New Orleans. Noel and I spent many hours playing pool in the back room at the Johnny Whites across from Preservation Hall.

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Hi Jesi, I only have the book cover, not the book. Lou said 770 were printed, i don't know if she means covers or books. The cover is at the New Orleans Conservation Guild having a water stain removed then i'll drive out to slidell to have lou sign it before framing. Check out the film at www.loujonpress.com.
P.S. Found out today Dauphine Books is still open, sorry all for the bad info


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Yes, 777 copies of It Catches My Heart In It's Hands! But are'nt we talking about Crucifix? There were 3100 copies printed of Crucifix!
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