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Crucifix: Limited First Edition With His Letter (1 Viewer)


"...it is one (numbered 11) of only 12 of these to contain an original typed letter from Bukowski tipped in at the rear of the book."

Anyone seen any of these 12 letters? I'm curious (assume) all 12 would be different (original typed letter with shortened; 'BUK' signature), what was said in the letters, etc...

Also curious what the reserve is on this item, I maxed out at $300...
I have #4 of this series. Specifically, the limitation is listed as "12 copies with letter -- with white cover." I've always wondered why it was necessary for Webb to specify the cover color. Are there 12 copies with a letter with a burgundy cover? Why list the color of the cover at all unless you were going to create other limitations that were separated by cover color? Hummm. The letter in mine is original, on yellow paper, signed and dated "late may 1966." The content is much of his usual angst.

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