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My lady is ready to leave. Got me a CD case holder for my birthday, that I know she had for Christmas, but was too mad at me to give to me.... So anyway looking for my own bday gift..... Is this too much money for the condition its in?

I'd say yes, too much for that condition. I'd go the step up for the copy in Australia that sounds like it's in 3X better condition. (shipping to and from Australia is not as bad as you think, and make sure you ask for 20% off, most of the sellers will comply, especially if you buy from them directly and not through ABE (tell them that is your intention).
I would even consider the next step up, the copy from Jeff in Berkeley... he's a good guy, and how cool is it that the signed and dated sheet is bound upside down?!
Good luck, and hope you're happpy about the woman situation.
While I don't know what the going price for Crucifix is, I do know that you gotta watch out for stuff on Abe books. Some of the prices are ridiculously high.

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