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Sold cruelty of loveless love--$500 (1 Viewer)

hello all!
haven't been around here in a while, and for that I apologize...just kinda dropped out of the internet for the past year, and once you get used to not using it, well....

anyway, i'm looking to get rid of my copy of The Cruelty of Loveless Love, and was hoping someone here would want to jump on it before I go the ebay route.
condition-wise, it's pretty much excellent, except for the black slipcase (?) thing, which has minor scuffing.

not trying to make anything, just get back about what I put in it...around $500. I feel that's a fair price...abe lists 6 copies, ranging from $800 to $1700. I am flexible on the price though, and willing to work out a deal with anyone that's seriously interested.


I can post some pictures later tonight. thanks!!!
I already have it.
It's a beautiful thing and the 500.- you ask for it are a steal! Everybody interested should immediately jump in!

btw. welcome back james.


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I hadn't heard of this book. Looks nice. Have the poems since been collected anywhere? Your price seems plenty fair.


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I've never seen good pictures of the innards of that thing. I get that the prints are mounted to the blank side of the page facing the poem text - but what size are those prints, and how many are there - 18?

Though while searching for images I did come across this, which probably belongs in that other thread (if it isn't there already):

thanks roni!
there are several people interested, so I've emailed them of who has first dibs and will let those interested know what's up if the first interested party doesn't pull the trigger....thanks all for your interest!!!
now to get back to digging through the forum and see what I've missed the last year or so....


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Thank you Dr. Braun.

So those are probably 8x10 inch prints, or at least they started out that way (they look like they are trimmed). It's odd that they are all mounted in different places on the sheet, but I suspect they were trying to avoid creating a "stack" that would stress or bend the paper parts of the page.

I can think of a much better way to do that, if anyone ever wants to spend a few grand recreating it, or something like it. ;)

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