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Cruelty of Loveless Love (1 Viewer)

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Shit, OK, my liquidation has come to fruitation, hA...

> Book Description: Kunst Editions, NY, 2001. Hard Cover. Book Condition:
> Very Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: N/A. Gannij, Joan Levine
> (illustrator). First Edition. Folio - over 12\" - 15\" tall. Copy is \"H.C.\"
> edition was of 65 copies of which 5 lettered copies were for the
> publisher, 35 were for sale and 25 copies marked H.C. which were for Black
> Sparrow Press, Linda Lee Budowski, Joan LevineGannij and Carl Weissner.
> Poems are handset; photographs printed by hand from the original
> negatives; the portfolio is in a hand crafted clamshell box with a slightly
> edgeworn slipcase.

Absolutely beautiful book, but I'm going non-materialistic for a stint.... plus I owe Bill money :o

Amazon, E-bay, Craigs List.... and thanks for the cross-country buyers guys, but I want to offer this particular one here 1st.
Right now (on ABE) I see only 4 available-> $1,250 to $1,600+

Ok, please afford me my swan song to the Mexican winter of 2008-09.... would much rather sell it here
Thanks guys,..
how about $900 delivered..

Would so much rather have it go to one of you guys (and I know, gals too) here.
I guess The Cruelty of Loveless Love is another book John Martin titled, according to this:


It's just 'the' and an 'r,' but it seems to be an important 'r.'

Going through the poems on the main site, trying to weed out the work of The Butcher of Santa Barbara. Unfortunately it's everywhere.

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