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"Cupcakes" selling Scarlet (1 Viewer)

I think that she may have a few. She seems to have bought a couple over the past few years. A very nice lady, and always a pleasure to deal with. Whoever gets this will no doubt be very happy with it.
I don't fault her for buying and reselling these. The listing is honest; she's not representing it as THE copy given to her by Bukowski. If I bought it, I'd want her to inscribe & sign, if she would. I think that would add something to its coolness.
The Finch catalog (auctioning Montfort's collection) describes her in pretty harsh terms in this description of Scarlet ---

This collection of poems is inspired solely by Bukowski's relationship with Pamela "Cupcakes' Miller. Miller was quite indifferent to Bukowski's intense feelings for her. In the copy of Scarlet he presented her, Bukowski wrote "For the girl who made me write these poems, for the girl who made me feel that feeling which comes so seldom in a lifetime"; Miller barely looked at it, and only brought the book out occasionally to impress her friends. She said of Scarlet that "I didn't have a tremendous amount of respect for his writing. His poetry was often negative and not complimentary. I thought I was just fodder."

Which, by the way, is not at all the impression I got in my correspondence with her.
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I think that her thinking may have changed with time. I think that when she was with Buk there was a tremendous age difference. I can see how she could have had a flip attitude toward the whole thing AT THE TIME. That being said, the few times that I have had contact with her, she has always been quite pleasant.

Her indifference to SCARLET at the time isn't all that surprising. I think those of us who read a lot tend to forget that -- to the average person -- poetry is complete crap and a waste of time. They just don't see why anyone would bother. As a poet, I see this reaction all the time. She was probably impressed by his fame, which came from the fiction and the Dirty Old Man columns. I imagine the book was mainly a trophy for her. Like Bill says, people can change over time. At some point she probably took a second and third look at Hank and realized what an important writer he is, reputation aside. She may value the poems more now than she did then, as poetry.

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