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As per this suggestion , I just went ahead and watched the first 5 episodes from the first season. Not bad, I gotta admit. And the one titled "Porn Girl" was a riot (you know, the one about sticking Tabasco up your ass, Larry watching porn at his friend's house, etc). And if this can only get better, well, what can I say? :D

I was watching the 4th episode last night with my partner, and she said: "This is just like Woody Allen, isn't it?" ;)
It does get better. We just watched the latest episode the other night and I was thinking about the earlier ones. They have really distilled it down to the essence of weirdness and discomfort now. Ha.
I know what you are saying but I think there is a concentrated effort on real-Larry's to make fake-Larry as obviously fucked up and out of control as possible as a way of signifying the lack of Cheryl's presence in his life. In the other seasons of course she was a major player but now without her he is left to his own devices and looks what happens!

I agree, this season takes the cake for pure fucked-up, sometimes surreal bad behavior. But I think it's all leading somewhere.
I really enjoyed the first season on DVD, but any time I try to get up any sort of excitement to watch the rest... I think I need to just watch one at a time. The awkwardness is at such a painful level that I just want to slap somebody sometimes.

Funny as hell though.
You guys were right. It does get better. I just watched the last episode from the first season (the one about The Vagina Monologues) and I was laughing my ass off all the way thru'. Lookin' forward to season 2...
My wife and I watch Curb while eating dinner. If there's no new episode we haven't seen, the default is Entourage.
Finished season 2 last night. This is getting better as we speak.

Is is true that most dialogues are sort of improvised? If so, the acting kicks ass!
Yes. The scripts are one and a half or two page outlines that give them a story to follow, but 95% of the dialogue is improvised. It is really a unique, and damn funny, show, and you're right, it all comes down to the actors.
larry david as woody...hmmm??!!???...when does woody stop being woody? how old does woody have to be to stop playing himself? but the swan episode of curb was just too funny.
Season 3, "The Special Section", that's a hilarious masterpiece you don't want miss. It's the one about Larry's mother passing away, and the yoga mantra he "splits" with R. Lewis: "Ji ya" - "Fuck me!" Best episode so far.
The "Krazee Eyez Killah" episode was a killer.

"I can't eat pussy, my neck hurts"

"You're my nigga, Larry fucking David, you're my nigga".
I just watched the one where it is said that it's common to get the wrong clothes when you go to the dry cleaners, but people take them home nonetheless. The gist is, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Is there any truth to this???
I recently got access to Curb Your Enthusiasm and I am starting to watch it. I can't believe he gets away with some of the stuff he says. That's what it takes to be funny these days. It is funny.

I got someone else's dry cleaning once and returned it. The shirts were monogramed and actually belonged to my doctor. I told the doctor a few weeks later, "Yeah, I took that shirt home a couple of weeks ago." You should have seen his face until I explained.

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