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I've been looking at lots of photos of Buk lately. I'm just curious. Is this just a random lady or is she someone he mentions in a story? I'm not sure how anyone would know this but some of you continually impress me with just how much you know about this man.
Her name is Georgia Peckham, a friend of 'Cupcakes'. She is no longer alive. In 'Scarlet', written by Pamela Wood, you can read about her.
Her name was Georgia. If you are interested, read Scarlet by Pam "Cupcakes" Wood. Georgia was her best friend and died not too long after this photo. She was a bit of a partyer, but was not a prostitute and was not a transvestite as I have seen here erroneously called.

The book is VERY good and well worth it.

In 'Women' there is a character called 'Arlene' based on Georgia.

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