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1990 poem entitled "curious"--didn't find it when I searched--for sale on eBay. Unless it has another title?

There's a slightly better looking copy here.

I'm (slowly) starting to add some of the hundreds of additional manuscripts that have been patiently waiting to get onto the site. 21 "new" ones went up yesterday. It's a slow process for a lot of boring technical reasons, and because the cross referencing - to see if a poem has appeared under a different title - takes time.

As to why anyone at Black Sparrow would change the title of a poem, I can't think of many valid reasons. Yet many titles were changed, primarily in the posthumous books. Draw your own conclusions about that.

I actually recently acquired this piece. I noticed that on the site it's listed as a xerox but I'm happy report that it is either an original or carbon (obviously, most likely a carbon) as the ink is tacky and raisin again the protective covering.

I thought it may be of interest to anybody who organizes the database.

Not sure what you mean by the ink being "tacky." But "raised" (if that's what you're saying) sounds like a Xerox. Original wouldn't be raised, nor would a carbon. They would be indented, the opposite of raised.

It's easy enough to tell what it is since there's a white-out correction on line 7. If it's original or carbon you'll see the white-out (can't tell from the images we have). Though he did use white-out on Xeroxes sometimes, but not often.
I would never even pretend to be an expert but as I was removing the pages from the plastic page protectors, the ink was lifting off the pages. I've never seen this happy with a photocopy. Any ideas?
That wouldn't happen with an original or a carbon. It could happen with a Xerox, I suppose, but that behavior sounds almost like a laser printed copy. Who did you buy it from?
Lots of good lines in that one.
Many thanks.
I like:

"an odd mathematic"

Almost sounds like Shakespeare... :wb:
[...] as I was removing the pages from the plastic page protectors, the ink was lifting off the pages [...]
must agree with mjp here, that this sounds like toner. (could be both, xerox or laser printer - same technology)

things like this may happen either (1) if the producing unit (the printer/ copy-machine) had a problem during the fixing process (but if this had happened, the toner [the black color wouldn't be "ink"] would've left the paper right from the start, so I think we can rule this out) or (2) due to insufficient archiving the paper and "covering" plastic-protector-sheets have been "baked" together during a hot summer.

but I'm no archival expert either, I must admit. that's just from my own limited experience through the aeons.
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