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I don't want to say that Japanese dudes have weirder fetishes than the rest of us guys, but....

No need to play it soft, number6horse, the Japanese are hands down the fetish masters of the discovered world. Dirty undie vending machines? God bless 'em.

Dirty undies.jpg


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Too funny! I wonder what the machine thingie is for. It looks like it has wheels underneath...
It's the M4125 Maid PC - a computer case! Spend 436 Euros and the Maid Station is yours. You will need a mini-ITX motherboard.

Crazy fetish idea and I like it.


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A computer case? Crazy idea, just about covers it. They sure have lots of crazy stuff on that site...


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The Japanese are awesome. 65 years ago all they had to work with was a mountain of rubble and some bamboo, and now they are one of the richest countries on earth with a population that has enough spare time to think up (and manufacture) laps to take a nap on. But then I guess if we were prevented from having an army for 50 years we could build up a hell of an economy too. The only negative is MULLINAX lives there. But some day I will go there and sleep in one of those tiny tube "hotels" in the airport, and I'll being back dirty panties for everyone.
'' was a HILLARIOUS movie in Many ways!
One of these ways was, how it catched the Japanese culture seen through the eyes of a Western citizen.

Beside that: There has been a documentary on TV several years ago, where a seller of these kind of used underwear revealed, how he faked the look and smell of 'used underwear'. You don't get what you see.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Funny video! - I wonder if there's any Japanese Dutch Husbands available for lonely women...:p
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Yeah, that guy in the vid is something else. [STRIKE]Fortunate bastard[/STRIKE] That filthy degenerate, [STRIKE]they'll never nag or burn dinner[/STRIKE] what a soulless way to seek companionship.[STRIKE] No squabbling over the remote and no In-Laws to deal with[/STRIKE] He really needs to seek professional help.

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What do you mean? No one to argue with?
Well, I imagine that I can get one that can do car repairs also... And, I would get the couch.

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