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Cutting out ebay (hopefully), Selling a couple HC 1sts (1 Viewer)


Sad Flower in the Sand
Quick, dirty, nitty gritty of it all:

All three came straight from the warehouse about a year ago and have sat on my shelf for about that length of time. I decided to sell these since I have firsts of the paperbacks and don't feel like I need the HC versions taking up space...

Plus, I'm raising money for another book... We'll see which one!

REACH FOR THE SUN - First Edition Hardcover, Fine\Fine. I feel like Abe's prices are... a bit high on this... so... $50? (Ltd to 750 copies)

LIVING ON LUCK - First Edition Hardcover, Fine\Fine. $50. (Ltd to 1000 copies)

BEERSPIT NIGHT AND CURSING - First Edition Hardcover, Fine\Fine. $30. (Ltd to 750 copies).

If someone thinks prices are a bit high, I'm probably willing to wiggle a bit... I got a good deal on these, so... But they're in great shape. I've flipped through them once to check that and... well that's it. They've just been sitting on the shelf for about a year so...

Any questions, ask away! Shipping is... from what I remember relatively inexpensive, if you kick in a couple bucks, I'll call it square.

Edit: I'll be tossing these up on eBay in about a week if no one's interested... so this is a limited time offer, operators are standing by!
If only they were Father. I'd give you a very high recommendation. One of my fellow managers likes your book, so I'm sure she'd be easy to sway. :)
Alright, Living on Luck is 100% sold and gone! The other two are still available.

I also dug out a few other titles if anyone is interested:

Home Sick by Lucia Berlin Paperback, First Edition, Near Fine, some light sunning\rubbing on the spine, but generally good shape. BSP, 1990. $10

Two Paperback copies of John Fante's Full of Life (I know...):
First Edition (a bit dirty on the covers VERY GOOD condition, perhaps slightly above) BSP, 1988 $10
Third Printing (Much nicer condition, some light rubbing to the spine) BSP, 1993 $8

West of Rome Fourth Printing (Spine slightly sunned and faded, otherwise a nice near fine copy) BSP 1995 $8

In a non-Bukowski\Fante\BSP era:

Allen Ginsberg Draft Facsimile reproducing the poem "T.V. Baby" stapled in brown wraps. Generally Near Fine, though someone has defaced it a bit by writing (in pen!) on the back cover. Else... great shape! $30.

I bought a few too many Fante books over the last few months to get some first editions as part of a bulk purchase and... well eventually I forgot which ones I had in Ecco VS BSP... So I'm just offing them and hoping they'll go to a great home instead of some warehouse at Powell's...

Lemme know here or by PM!
West of Rome Fourth Printing (Spine slightly sunned and faded, otherwise a nice near fine copy) BSP 1995 $8

Maybe you're raising money for a lettered copy? Perchance we can strike a deal? I have the most money wrapped up in that one, so I'm what you'd call a "motivated seller."

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