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Sold D.A Levy: The Beginning of Sunny Dawn (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I need to sell this, but I'd like to find a nice home for it, so I'm putting it here first before I try eBay.

This is the original publication from GHOSTflower Press, Clevland, Ohio 1968. There were 236 copies.

Doug Blazek/Open Skull Press later published it with "Red Lady" in 1969 in an edition of 500.

It's in Very Good ++ to Near Fine condition.

If anyone knows any Levy fans, please point them here.

Always interested in trades as well.



It's a rare one, but only appreciated by the fans off the mimeo era. I'll take $25, plus media shipping. Should be in a University collection.
If PS does not want it, I'd take.

By the way, GHOSTflower Press was the press that levy started in the last year of his life. That and Azayian Press. This book was printed by levy on his mimeo. Cool book.

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