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Dalai Lama in LA today - I wonder what Bukowski would have said to the guy.
I really like Bluebird.
Hard to say with any certainty. They may both be so mainstream that they would cancel each other out, had they ever been in the same room.

Fascinating question. Really.
Bukowski and the L-man would have gotten drunk and screamed "HAMMER IT DOWN" at each other until they tasted blood.

That's my guess.

Plus... If they've never been in the same room, how can we be sure Bukowski and the Dalai Lama aren't the same person?

I think it would have ended up in a brawl. Bukowski would get plastered (naturally) and he would demand his Highness's robe, glasses or EARS?! Dalai Lama would - regretfully- use karate chop to put the 'lost soul' to his place.

Hey, that would make a GREAT story!
Absolutely not! - Otherwise this "what would Buk have said to ...(fill in name of your own preference)" would never end. :D
As I understand it, Linda requested 3 Buddhist Monks at Bukowski's funeral. I agree that Bukowski probably could have cared less -- but a nexus does exist, does it not? Linda must have had some respect for the Buddhists -- or was it just a joke?
You should bring this up over on the Linda Bukowski forum.

Mr. Bukowski, who this forum is about, was not (despite the hopeful imaginations of his Buddhist-leaning fans and spouse) a Buddhist.
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