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The first line of Buk's 'The Captain is out to lunch... ' says: 'Good day at the track, damn near swept the card.'

I understand what he says, but what exactly happens when you 'sweep the card'? You marked all the winning horses? what does that card look like? Any help much appreciated.


It means every horse you picked came in a winner, I'm guessing. I've only been to the track a few times with a friend who was a serious gambler and, incidentally, a big Bukowski collector. My friend saw Hank at the track a few times and had the good sense to leave him alone. This is the same friend who showed me a copy of You Kissed Lilly, the only one I've ever seen in person. Nice little book.
The term "card" refers to the entire line-up of races for that given day.
9 races scheduled ? You have a 9-race card. "Sweeping the card" would mean correctly picking the winners of each race.
the 9- race card, that's a good one to know! & indeed 8 out of 9 in this case.


anybody out there got a scan of such a card? just being curious.

anybody out there got a scan of such a card?

That would be a racing program. It would contain information on every horse in each one of the races that day.

This page would be for RACE 3 :

Wonder if that photo is clear enough to blow it up and get a list of the horses Bukowski picked that day. I'd give it a try but I have a job, two jobs, and a wife and kids, and a life. No, actually, I'm just too lazy.

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