Dan Fante has died (1 Viewer)

Man...I'm sad to hear this. Jezus, tough year for poets. Never met Dan, but always wanted to. His books were great--highly recommended. I'll miss having his new books to look forward to.
Yeah, very sad. I had met him a bunch of times in Los Angeles when I was in my early 20's. I've had
him fixed in my mind as being in his early 40's since then. He must have been in his late 60's at least
when he passed. Good writer.
I can find nothing about his death on the internet. The unreliable Wiki actually had a date of death which was then removed the same day. No obits in L.A. or NY Times. What's up? Not saying Dan is still breathing, but the lack of any net acknowledgement seems weird. If anyone has details and can share, please do so.
Yes. Very strange. I have heard rumors that he is still living. Maybe the mods can change to Rumors that Dan Fante has died.

As to Wikipedia, they make it hard to change living people to dead people on the site to keep from them being used as a source for death hoaxes so their software probably reverted to showing him living.

Let's hope that he is alive and this is all a rumor.
I just heard that he is very, very ill, but alive and in the hospital. Not sure if it is terminal, or he has something that he can beat.
Funny how people spread death news when there's been no death. I mean, not the people who spread it I guess, but the people who start it. Because to start it, you have to know it isn't true. Has this happen with a friend of mine this year, who is still quite alive. He wasn't even ever sick. Go figure.
Yes, I thought of your podcast about just this! I first saw mention of it on Twitter...which, when you say it like that, seems dumb!
Very sad news, when I read his books I always imagine him so young. Always looked forward to his new books. My condolences to his friends and family.

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