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Does anyone know which chapter in "Women" where he's lost in the woods and he promises he'll even start to "boogie"? What chapter, page number? I've lost my copy. I listened to it on youtube months ago, and that part made me laugh uncontrollably.


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It would be nice, I thought, to be back with the sisters, hearing them laugh about sex and men and dancing and parties. It would be so nice to hear Glendoline’s voice. It would be nice to run my hand through Lydia’s long hair. I’d faithfully take her to every party in town. I’d even dance with all the women and make brilliant jokes about everything. I’d endure all that subnormal driveling shit with a smile. I could almost hear myself. “Hey, that’s a great dance tune! Who wants to really go? Who wants to boogie on out?”
Chapter 30 (the quote is on page 84 or 85, depending on the publisher), you're welcome.

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