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Sent some shit to a little recently, they took, asked bio info. I mentioned DANGLING IN THE TOURNEFORTIA. When I got their poem mag they had changed it to DANCING IN THE TOURNEFORTIA, which is the way those minds work and when I opened the book and saw what kind of poetry they printed I was not surprised. (Bukowski in a letter to Carl Weissner, August 1981)

Does anybody know the mag he mentioned?

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Currently re-reading Dangling (not Dancing) in the Tournefortia. I must admit that I didn't quite understand how great this collection is when I first read it in 2014. Well, I can blame the language barrier for that.;)

they sure don't make bartenders like
they used to make them
this one looked like a piece of silk
tacked over a doorway leading

he kept leaning toward a girl at the
the girl was built like a machine gun
tower out of World War I.
she spit some tracer bullets out of
her mouth:
"you ain't gettin' my fuckin' pussy
you snake-brained turd!"

it was then that the bartender noticed
us staring
behind the bar at
the many lovely bottles.
so he came over and said, "good
evening," and we ordered and he
walked off with his tiny precious
Mick Jagger ass.

(from Table For Two; the entire poem is hilarious)

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