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Dangling in the @#$$% (1 Viewer)

Scored this for $210 with free shipping. Did I get screwed up the ole chocolate wizz way? I checked the signature against the 1980 poetry database here (and my signed 1987 New Years Greeting), and it's clearly a good sig, but the red number is a bit strange.

Is this a Barbra(sic) Martin number, or is 1981 a different cow?

Yes, a ding in the lower right corner, but a good deal in my mind. Or, am I a dumb-fuck?

not dumb at all- that's the same guy i got my 'open all night' from- his prices are low low. i think the cheapest that goes for on abe is $250 probably in similar condition.

some of the numbers look weird- the ink looks like the same red they always use, but there have been questions here before, and i think everyone has agreed that there are anomalies, but the book isn't fake or anything.

i almost bought this- i was watching it and considering pulling the trigger a few times.
Thanks Jordan. I saw your "Open All Night" in a lettered condition for $120, and I knew it was a good seller. That, and a 100% good rate.

Anyway, I'm jacked to have a copy of one of Buk's best books of poetry, signed, for $210, even with a ding.
The cloth binging looks right and the signature loooks riht. The number is different, but we have seen these before and the concensus (sp?) was that someone other than Barbara numbered these, but that they were numbered either at Black Sparrow or Earle Gray Bookbindery.

It is authentic.

And the little ding doesn't mean shit. 99% of the booksellers out there would list that as "fine." Try finding one of those light colored hardcovers without a ding or some amount of dirt/discoloration on the bottom edges. It's the nature of the way Black Sparrow/Gray made them (paper on the edges rather than the traditional cloth).

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