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"Dangling..." signed w/painting on ebay (1 Viewer)

I received an e-mail from the seller stating that the reserve has been lowered. I think he worries for nothing. I'm sure his first reserve will be met. Perhaps even more.
(Yeah, she!)
Just sent me a return e-mail saying she won the book at an art auction in New Zealand,
12 years ago....
I wonder what she paid for it then?!

I think ABE ought to have some time traveling service->
You search title and author then get to choose a year to see how much it went for back then (or will be worth in the future too).

Jesus, and I'm not even reading a Sci-Fi right now
(don't even like sci-fi)
$1,500 for just a marginally good painting. Christ, I'm gonna puke. There's no hope for picking up a book at a bargain anymore.
nymark said:
There's no hope for picking up a book at a bargain anymore.
Unless you find one at a yard sale (a friend of mine found a huge stack of rare old Bukowski at a yard sale in Hollywood about 15 years ago and bought it all up for ten bucks, then proceeded to loan most of it out to "friends" who never returned it - signed books, rare chapbooks, thousands of dollars worth of books).

Or luck onto a poorly listed item on eBay (a "buy it now" with a ridiculously low price).

But otherwise, the price of the books with paintings has been over a grand for some time, hasn't it? Pre-eBay. At least pre-huge-eBay like it is now. I seem to remember seeing them listed in mailers from the rare book sellers for $800 to $1200 back in the mid 90's...

That reminds me of something I saw the other day in the Black Sparrow "first hundred publications" book - the copies of The Days Run Away that had paintings were priced at $30 ($159.30 in today's dollars). But Martin must have had trouble moving them, because when Post Office came out 15 months later, the copies with paintings were priced at $25 ($118.93 today).

Okay, maybe it's not that interesting, but it caught my eye anyway.
mjp said:
Okay, maybe it's not that interesting, but it caught my eye anyway.

mjp: It's interesting to an old book nerd like me. I've got a bunch of old rare book catalogs from the 60s that have Bukowski stuff listed at prices that would make you weep. Maybe I'll dig them out sometime and post a few examples.

The great yard sale find is always a possibility, although they are few and far between. Old collectors die and the family puts their crap out on the lawn. It can happen. Or, you could waste a lot of gas driving around on weekends and never find a single Buk book. But the hunt is half the fun.

Did anyone else here get a second chance offer for this book. There are a few reasons that this scares the shit out of me.

1) I bid $400 for the book. The final price was $1500. Why would they contact me and not the next highest bidder?
2) The buyer is someone with perfect FB and has bought from me before, although I don't remember what.
3) The book is far too rare for them to have multiple copies.
4) The seller is outside of the US, where Paypal has little or no protection for purchases.
5) When you do a second chance offer from ebay, it is treated like a one person-private auction. This was sent from [email protected], hiding his name as "ebay". I assume that the scam is that we strike a deal and I pay him directly, even though he was not the seller.

There are probably more reasons why this gives me a sick feeling, but if they contacted others on this list that threw up a small bid then there may be something truly scarry in this scenario....

"They say that the buyer did not come through (but they left no bad feedback), they tell you that they need the money and you settle on a price that is lower than the reserve. You feel safe paying them with paypal. You pay them and NEVER see a book or anything. When you dispute it with Paypal, you find out that they will not guarantee purchases made outside the country unless the seller follows a very specific set of qualifications. Additioanlly, PAypal will NEVER guarantee any purchase where you do not complete the sale THROUGH ebay. Sales outside of ebay are 100% exempt. They will TRY to collect, but if the person cleaned out their Paypal account, that amounts to ebay asking them nicely for the money back. You are fucked out of your money and your book."

Of course, this may be on the up-and-up, but it SEEMS odd. I'm 99.9% sure that this is a run-of-the mill fraud and hope that if it is, that none opf my freinds on this forum are taken in by it. Thoughts for any of these learned forum members?

All best,
You're right, it sounds like someone trying to scam you. Try contacting the seller (through the ask seller a question link) and see if the offer came from her. Even if it did, I'd still be wary. Does ebay still offer an escrow service?
I received a second chance offer as well for this book. I would not touch it. I periodically get these "second chance offers" when I've been outbid on Bukowski items. It never seems to happen with any other author I collect. It smells of fraud.
Plus with the e-mail being a clear spoof, I can now say with 100% guarantee that anyone that responds to this second chance offer from this person posing as the seller will never see the book and will lose every cent that they pay. Even if it seems safe with Paypal, you will lose your money. AVOID this, please... I do hate these fucking people always trying to steal and sceme....

hank solo said:
trust that feeling Bill - stay well clear. if it were genuine it would have come from ebay.
That's right, and incidentally, eBay considers a sale through a second chance offer the same as an auction win, so a legit second chance, from eBay, would afford you the same PayPal protection as an auction win.
Hi mjp,
I also think that there is some small print in that. When buying inside or especially outside the US, the buyer must have a confirmed address with PAYPAL. I think that applies also to the seller. You would have no easy way to tell this at the time you are bidding, of course. I have been a loyal ebay buyer and seller since Nov 1998. That did not stop them from pulling out the small print when I had a dispute where the seller would not reply or send me the items that I bought. They then told me that I won my claim, but that he cleaned out his account and that they would send him to collections for me. Luckliy the guy finally sent the stuff. Ebay was, of course, no help. That was a bit after they doubled most of their fees for sellers....

Another reason that I'm getting out of selling on ebay...


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