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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Joan Jobe Smith of Pearl put this out after Bukowski’s death. The majority of it is a typical tribute publication (sorry, not a big fan of those), but the last section is very cool, reprinting all 10 Bukowski poems that were published in Pearl.

It looks like the Database may be missing Pearl 14 from September 1991 and Pearl 16 from September 1992. All four poems that appeared in those issues were later collected in Bone Palace Ballet. (A post humanus collection that’s not supposed to have many edits, but if anyone wants to check…)

Pearl 14 Sept. 1991
  • On the Bum
  • An Answer
  • The Inspection

Pearl 16 Sept. 1992
  • The Puking Lady



Surprise, surprise! All four have been changed in Bone Palace Ballet.
Mostly verbs replaced with other (more literary?) verbs.

P.S. Thanks for the whole avalanche of contributions, PM!
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