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If interested, please visit www.bospress.net.

This will sell out VERY fast, folks. Especially the hardcover with painting...

These will ship in a few weeks...

Beautiful work as always Bill. I know I'll probably regret passing up on publication 101, but... I'm cleaned out right now!
This is a huge honor, for Bill to compile and publish this. I'm going to be painting like a maniac for the next month or two. Which is a good thing.
Thanks. It's something I neglect for long stretches of time. Too busy walking the dog and adding up trillions of BTU. The art for the biblio will likely be something unlike anything I've done before. I have vast megalomaniacal ideas for it. Well, actually, I originally had a dull unambitious thought of just doing something quick and easy but then Bill made a suggestion that got me thinking of a better way to go. All I need is a few free evenings, buckets of paint in all colors, and a barnyard full of chickens to use as brushes.
I realized that when I put their pictures up together and compared them. Then I compared the biographies and realized I hadn't actually seen our David's paintings.

GKHL: 503 error :(
I think you have the wrong David Barker. Try this new and improved David Barker.

Right, but don't click on that link to my old Geocities website. It was hijacked, reported as a phishing site, and I'm locked out of it and can't take it down. I contacted Yahoo and they were useless, no help at all. They said I should log in and delete it if I didn't want it up any more. That was the problem I had asked them about; I can't log into it. So at this point I have just abandoned the damned thing.
Well that's good. The last time I looked at it, months ago, my computer went berserk with popups and craziness. Maybe I can log in again. If so, I'll kill it. I would no longer trust the thing now that hackers have messed with it. What useless scum they are.
I wonder if it's safe to visit now? Could Yahoo have somehow cleaned it of the infected files? I couldn't do anything with it last time I tried. Don't know that I would trust it even if they had.
The paperbacks are done and ready to ship on Monday. The hardbacks are in process. I should have those done and in the mail within 10 days. I still have a very few copies of the HB left for anyone interested. Please visit www.bospress.net to pick up a copy. The same for the paperback edition.


p.s. I'm still working on the postcard set. Stay tuned....

p.p.s. I said that this would ship in a few weeks in February. Ouch!
Bill, by traditional small press standards, you are lightening fast.

Paintings for the bibliography are in progress and I'll have at least half, maybe all of them ready to ship back with the signature pages next week.
The books and signature pages arrived Monday, and they are gorgeous. My wife was impressed. Hell, I was impressed. All are signed and will ship today. Along with the broadside for Bottle. You do such beautiful work, Bill. Many, many thanks.
The hardbacks are ready to ship. I am shipping all paid copies out tomorrow.

I will announce the book to my mailing list tomorrow. I have VERY VERY few of these left. If you want one, now is the time to get one. I expect that they will sell out as soon as I announce them to my list.

I have hardbacks with original artwork and paperbacks.

Please visit the website at www.bospress.net if interested, or e-mail or pm me.

I'm sending a PM to all members that have one reserved. If you don;t get a PM from me, then I don't show that you have reserved one.


p.s. The Barker postcards of Buk are on process. I need more time in the day, really...
They ACTUALLY went out yesterday!

They were packed well in bubble wrap to arrive safe and sound.

Those in the US should have them by Saturday, those outside this fine country should see them by Monday.


p.s. I still have paperbacks for sale. I'll announce the book tonight to my e-mail list, so if you are interested, it is not a bad idea to e-mail me and let me know before they are gone....
I don't know how, but I received it today. That's the USPS for you. 2 days cross country or a week cross country, depending on the whims of who the hell knows what.

Great work, both of you. The author's comments for each entry really made the book for me. And the painting is a great capper. Nice illustrated section too.

Keep up the good work, party animals.
Thanks! Yes, you are the second person in California to receive theirs today. Everyone in the US should have theirs by tomorrow.

I did not expect them to get there in 2 days, but it was a nice surprise. That is what happens with 1st class/priority sometimes.


Oregon may be more rural than Los Angeles, but Southern Delaware is practically prehistoric.

I shit you not when I tell you that most of our Post Offices are closed from Noon to 1:30 for lunch (and a half hour of deliveries.) They are run by one person and they will put a "back in 5 minutes" sign in the door if they have to make Poo. Most of these post offices are in trailers or in little houses. I went to one recently and sent about 10 packages. They did not have a computer! She weighed everything and them hand wrote the amount on the package like this was 1843. Then she totaled it all up with her calculator and charged me. These are then sent to a larger post office with a computer to have postage affixed.

Got mine today, as well.
Very nice surprise, when the only thing you're expecting during this time is your credit card statement.

Gorgeous work Bill, through and through. And David, again, the painting is fabulous.
Thank you, both.

..now..I need to get my hands on a copy of the Studebaker UFO book...
..now..I need to get my hands on a copy of the Studebaker UFO book...

Me too! There are a few items that I do not have. They are TOUGH to find. REALLY damn near impossible.

Of the 66 (or is it 65) items in the biblio, I think that I'm missing 5 or 6.

I did find "I Laughed and the Devil Laughed Too" listed by a bookseller a few years ago and was VERY happy to get it.

First off, we use donkeys in Oregon, not mules, so the package arrived here yesterday. Or, I think it was the package. It's from Bill but I haven't opened it yet. I wanted to, but my family had other plans, so I'll open it this morning, once I've got some coffee in me.

I can't describe what a thrill it is to see the words "Studebaker UFO Confidential" on this message board without my having put them there (well, I mean above, in another post -- obviously I just posted them here). While it's true that many of the items in the biblio are o.p. and impossible to find (rare to start with, plus no one much ever cared so they were not hoarded away by savy dealers hoping for a killing), you still may get to see some of them. I have a master plan that I'll now unveil. I have some extra, undistributed copies of a few of the rare items that I will offer here on the Forum. I just need to collate/bind them. On some I need to make a missing page or cover. I also plan to reprint many of them. No set schedule on all this; I'll just do it when I can. The idea is to make the material available to those of you who are interested. You may not be able to find a first printing on many of these, but you'll be able to have a later printing that's essentially the same. I've been waiting for the biblio to come out to set the wheels in motion. Stand by for further announcements.

...and thanks for the kind words you guys.
Beautiful Bill, just beautiful. I love the red cloth spine. That's a very classy fabric. Is it silk? Has a nice sheen. Glad to see the wavy painting laid down flat. You must dry the bound books under pressure to keep them from buckling.

Bill also sent me an author's copy that has a decorated brown paper spine that is very attractive.
Thanks for the kind words. What David is talking about is the Author's/Publisher's copies. They were bound in paste paper that was made by me last weekend. I made about 15 large sheets of this and hope to use them on books more often.


The red spine is a really nice bookcloth from Japan called Asahi. It is the same cloth that I used on the McCreesh/Cunningham book.


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