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a newbie here. wondering if anyone on the boards were lucky enough to meet Buk.
would love to hear some cool stories from those who had the moxie.
I met him and I'm still trying to live it down. It went badly. But what the hell -- I'm here, so it obviously didn't ruin my opinion of him.
David wrote a book about it called

Charles Bukowski Spit in My Face

It is probably available for purchase from Rekrab directly. I believe that it was also included in an anthology about Buk?

Charles Bukowski Spit in My Face is included in Drinking With Bukowski, edited by Daniel Weitzmann. It's a great piece. There are a number of other good vignettes in there as well.

Of course, the second half of the book title annoys me:

Recollections of the Poet Laureate of Skid Row. That term was overused the first time someone someone thought of it.
That's a new one to me, PS. Gonna have to check it out. Do you reco reading or purchasing? Is it limited, etc.?

Let me make a quick left turn; but methinks on topic.

The true poet laureate of skid row was Edgar Allan Poe. (No flames, I know he is not alone, just pretty dad-gum famous today for good reason.) As I've stated in another post here, he died alone in an alley. Dead. Doorknob dead. Alone. Not romantacizing about it with words. Again, think, "Old Man Dead In A Room."

And like BUK and his new "sign," I think there may be a sign there or something. In Baltimore. Even at the alley. Well kiss my grits.

How fucking sad; to think, he could've taken a bank job and worked like T.S. Eliot, writing things like, "Prufrock among the Women," (the Love Song song is merely borrowed in part from one of Rudyard Kipling's titles, "The Love Song of Har Dyal").

Yes. "Drinking" is a great book. Just re-read David's story.
An amazing tale.
Would love to see a picture of the 2U-Fuck Off inscription from the book.
Drinking With Bukowski is readily available for less than $20 I would think. Published in 2000, Thunder's Mouth Press. Even if it is out of print it should be fairly easy to find. In addition to Mr. Barker's fine contribution, it has chapters from Gerald Locklin, Al Fogel, Raymond Carver, Jack Grapes, Pamela Miller Brandes (Cupcakes), Steve Richmond, Neeli Cherkovski, FrancEyE, A.D. Winans, Joan Jobe Smith, Linda King, Sean Penn and several others.

Definitely worth a read, IMO.
Yes. "Drinking" is a great book. Just re-read David's story.
An amazing tale.
Would love to see a picture of the 2U-Fuck Off inscription from the book.

I too would love to see a scan of that inscription. It's out there some place, maybe even in the collection of a lurker here.

For those who haven't read my Bukowski memoir; long story short is that I asked him to sign a book (after he'd already had plenty of opportunity to be weary of me), and he spit in my face (after much drinking). Later, I wrote about it and that just pissed off a lot of people (not him apparently). There you have it.

I have some copies remaining of "Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face" (chapbook) and will offer them here as soon as I get my act together.
Is this the back of the line? I'll join.
Have there been 3 editions?
Each edition is slightly different with updated info, so it is three editions, not three printings of the first edition.

This will all be cleared up in the upcoming Barker Biblio due to be published by BoSP in the next couple months...

Jeez, I'm not here for a few hours and a line forms.

What I have are copies of the 3rd edition, as Bill guessed. It has everything from the 2nd and 3rd editions, plus additional contents. These copies were never collated, so they need to be assembled. There are about 25 copies of the 50 total that have original watercolor paintings. I never made the paintings, so I'll need to do those and they will be new. The pages are vintage. There are also about 10 or 15 "out of series" copies that will be made up from sheets left over after the deluxe with art copies are made up. The out of series copies are marked as such and are not numbered. The 50 regular numbered copies are long gone. So I have:

Deluxe with art at $20 a copy plus shipping.

Out of series $6 a copy plus shipping.

The nine people above who asked are already in line and have their copies locked in (you know who you are) You need to PM me to say if you want deluxe or out of series. Anyone else who wants one should do the same. Paypal is easiest, but if I kind of know you from the Forum , a check or money order is okay. PM me for details on checks/m.o.

It will take me a while to do the art.

Thanks for your interest.
I believe Mr Barker mentioned PMs. Thanks David.
You guys are incredible! Here's the list so far, and I should have enough copies to cover you all:

Deluxe Copy:
hank solo
marina del rey
will rogers
magic stallion

deluxe or out of series copy?
homeless mind
gerald k h love

maybe want one, depends on shipping?

That's 13 deluxe with art copies out of 20 to 30 available. I need to collate these and count them. I also need to figure how much to charge for shipping. I'll post that info later, along with how to make payment.

Four people need to let me know if you want a deluxe copy at $20 or an out of series copy at $6. Please PM that info so I don't have to hunt for it in the thread.

I can safely take another 7 deluxe orders before I collate and count books. A PM is best, or you can just say it here. Thanks everyone. I'm blown away by your interest.

Later, when this is done, I have a couple other things I'll offer, old rare Bukowski related publications of mine that need to see the light of day and have been in my closet too long. But that can wait. This will keep me busy for some time.
I'm in the market for deluxe books centered around expectoration. Count me in.
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